Solar Security Lights
The Solution To Effective 24 Hour Home Security

If you need to illuminate certain areas of your home due to safety and security concerns, but fear the cost of installation…or increased energy bill…then I urge you to keep reading this page.

Did you know that you can easily install solar security lights on ANY corner of your home… without access to any power outlets, or having to hire an expensive electrician?

It’s true. And not only that, you’ll never have to worry about running up your electric bill, either. Solar powered security lights use the power of the sun to operate.

Best of all, your home will be protected because these powerful solar security lights can fill your yard with a very bright beam of light, revealing any potential intruders!

Solar Security Lights

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NEW LED Solar Security lights
featuring PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) Technology
meet all the specifications of home security excellence!

  • Home alone at night? Easily detect intruders from all corners of the home!
  • Coming home from a late dinner? You’ll feel extra safe, knowing that the outside lights will automatically turn on as you approach your home… no more worrying about tripping over a stair, or fumbling for the keys in the dark.
  • Away on vacation? If your neighbors know you’re away, they’ll be able to investigate why your outside lights are coming on, and contact the police to come check it out.
  • Neighborhood power outage? Some burglars may look for homes that are experiencing a power outage…Solar Security Lights will STILL turn on and reveal any intruders regardless!
  • Power surges? Solar powered security lights aren’t hooked up to your home’s electricity, making it impossible to experience damaging surges that would otherwise destroy the unit.

High power LED light ensures a BRIGHT rush of high intensity light, ensuring a well lit area

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These powerful LED Solar Security lights
are easy to install, yet based on sophisticated technology

  • If an intruder makes the mistake of seeking concealment anywhere on your property, they WILL be revealed and most likely run off to find an easier target.
  • When someone walks in front of the infra red motion sensor, it will quickly set off the bright LED light…and this is the last thing that a would-be burglar wants: to be seen!
  • These solar lights are placed high, and not connected to the power of your home, so they cannot be tampered with.

And best of all:

  • No power bills 
  • No strangers on the property for installation 
  • No set-up costs 
  • No exorbitant hardware costs of the solar lights 
  • No replacing light bulbs 
  • No extras necessary No maintenance 
  • No switching on and off 
  • No dependency on electrical grid

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Solar Powered Security Light

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“Thank you for the four 45 LED solar motion detector lights I ordered. I installed them in a couple of hours the same day I received them. I have only one question: how come it took so long for solar security light technology to be combined with motion sensor technology? It makes so much sense!”

Terry K, San Francisco, CA

“Thanks for sending me my led solar security light. I have installed it at the corner of my house so it shines on the back yard as well as down the side of the house which used to be really dark at night. My daughter always used to fantasize that there were monsters out there. But now she rests easy knowing that the solar security light will go on as soon as there is any motion in the yard by her window. Now I want to order another two motion security lights to illuminate other areas of the yard. ”

Barbara B, Athens, GA

Big yard, or small yard, it doesn’t matter
There is an LED solar security light
to fit the needs of any size home

  • The solar light industry has developed motion security lights that combine the cost-effective convenience of LEDs with Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) and solar technology to bring you the perfect solution for home and business protection.
  • No matter what the size of your yard might be, or how many areas of your property need to be illuminated, there is a perfect solar security light solution for you.

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